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February 2009

The VS1-250-SSD

San Diego, CA February 11, 2009

Phoenix International Systems, Inc., today unveiled its new VS1-250-SSD Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)/Serial ATA (SATA) based Solid State Disk VME data storage plug-in blade at AFCEA/USNI West 2009.

The VS1-250-SSD delivers high capacity, high performance data storage for military, aerospace and industrial applications requiring rugged, secure and durable mass data storage. This 6U, single-slot module houses one or two each 2.5″ SAS or SATA SSDs of up to 256GB per device and can be interfaced through its front panel connector or its P2 connector. The high speed module will sustain R/W data rates of 120MB/sec with an access time of 0.5 msec. The VS1-250-SSD has an operating temperature range from -40o to 85o C and functions at an altitude greater than 80,000 feet. The VS1-250-SSD also complies with current defense department security standards providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques.

As a drop in replacement for a traditional hard disk drive, the VS1-250-SSD offers significantly lower power consumption and eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays commonly associated with conventional rotating media.

Major features of the Phoenix VS1-250-SSD Solid State Disk Module include:

Burst data transfer rate to 300MB/sec
Sustained data transfer to 120MB/sec
Total capacity to 512GB
Operational temperature from -40o to 85o C
Individual point-to-point device connectivity ·
Low power consumption ·
1,300,000 MTBF
Integrated SLC NAND Flash
Meets military and IRIG 106-07 declassification standards
Advanced flash management for enhanced reliability and durability
Front panel or P2 connector data interface
80,000 feet operational altitude
50g, 11 ms operational shock
16g rms, 10-2000Hz random vibration
Made in USA

Phoenix International is an AS 9100/ISO 9001:2000 certified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) HUBZone manufacturer of Rugged COTS data storage product. Phoenix developed state of the art enabling technology provides users with mass storage products that ensure the highest performance storage and data network systems. These systems range in size and application from multi-terabyte Fibre Channel RAID, NAS and Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations to conduction cooled plug-in VME solid state (flash) storage modules.

For further information and pricing, contact Amos Deacon III at (714) 283-4800 or at

Click here for the press release in PDF format.

Click here for the datasheet in PDF format.